About Us


Flex It Academy

Flex IT Academy focuses on education and behavioral skills. We take pride
in assisting our students in achieving their goals and aspirations. Here at
Flex IT Academy, we provide a unique learning environment and an exciting curriculum. We believe that all children are inquisitive and enjoy learning. It is our job to give them the right tools to achieve their goals. Creating a learning plan that is flexible to their needs, enables them to feel confident, enjoy learning and succeed.   



  Our Services include attending one of our campuses, homeschooling, tutoring, speech and occupational therapy. We guide each student, according to their interests, needs and strengths. Our individualized learning programs are formative and anxiety free. Applied Behavioral Analysis focuses on the principles that indicate
and explain how learning takes place. We apply these techniques to encourage constructive learning and positive behavior. Children with
Autism, educational, behavioral and/or social challenges will benefit in
our individually based learning programs. Applied Behavior Analysis has
also given us some insight that can help children develop social skills
and understand the norms of society.  



 Flex IT Academy’s curriculum is adaptive and differentiated.  Our teachers
available in person and online.  We offer incentives and rewards. We believe that positive reinforcements motivate and stimulate
our students to meet and exceed their educational goals. We are very Passionate about not only working with our students, but also with parents. Flex IT Academy, provides training for Parents to help their students flourish. We have clubs and support groups for our parents to join, as well.  We strive to close the gaps in their learning and to teach coping skills so they are no longer anxious about school. We are grateful for the opportunity to teach, encourage and support our families. 

Meet the Founder


Angela Mcdonald

 What I enjoy most about Flex IT Academy is that it gives me the opportunity to help students become successful!  Whether it is helping a student close the gaps in their learning to meet or exceed their grade level, or teaching them coping skills so they are no longer anxious about school; that makes me excited and grateful! I am very analytical and am passionate about working with parents to create a learning
plan that is flexible and meets the child’s needs! In traditional education I had to try to fit every child
into the same curriculum and that could be very frustrating for me and the students. I am passionate about learning and meeting students at their educational, social, and behavioral levels! I believe that
all children love to learn and are inquisitive, and given the right tools and topics that are driven by the student’s interests and needs, this can be accomplished!  

I especially enjoy working with children that have Autism.  I have grandchildren with Autism and appreciate how focused and innocent they are. For example, when my grandson and I watch a movie together, he has a different perspective and brings me insights that I did not have. He laughs without reserve and I realize that it would be wonderful if we were all more honest with our feelings. They bring
so much joy into my life and help me appreciate how we are each so unique and have individual gifts.  
I returned to school and earned another Master’s degree from ASU to become an Autism specialist
because I wanted to understand and learn all that I could so I can help these students. I gained insight
into Applied Behavior Analysis and how I can help children develop social skills so they can have
friends and understand the norms of society. 

I became interested in teaching when I began to read because I have a brother that has Dyslexia.
I wanted to understand why he could not read and how I could help him. It was difficult for me
to watch him struggle to read and for him to forget the same word over and over again; this drive
for understanding and wanting to help my brother, drove my passion for learning and education.
I am passionate about teaching; I have taught K-12 students with disabilities since 1992 and
that is what I love!